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Omega Fatty Acids?

Fats (omega 3s) that are good! There are a couple of essential nutrients that your body needs to be healthy that it cannot make or get enough from the food you consume daily.  Omega 3s or essential fatty acids (EFAs) happen to be one of them.  As a Newmarket chiropractor, it is a passion of […]

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3 Simple Tips To Prevent Injury While Raking

  Check out the video below for the simple but effective tips to reduce your risk for pain this fall while raking!       Related Posts: Simple foam rolling technique for mid back pain and better posture Easy stretches to do throughout the day for low back pain and stiffness

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Are you living in bear country??

You may have watched the graphic video of the man attacked not once but twice by a grizzly bear this week.  He says in the video “life sucks in bear country”. In bear country you should be on high alert and during those times your “fight or flight mode” kicks in.  This is the body […]

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My 10-year-old has arthritis!?

Most, if not at all adult spinal problems start in childhood.  Wow!  Really?  Yes.  Wear and tear spinal damage (arthritis) can take years to develop, we all know this.  This is one reason why we always want to check infants and kids, and one of the main reasons my kids have been checked and adjusted […]

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Pain is not the problem!

Pain is often the focus, but it should not be – the cause of the pain should be where you focus in order to get well.

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Did you grab the life preserver?

Life preserver? For a life preserver to be effective, a person must first believe it works.  A person then must decide to actually reach for it and grab hold.  Finally, the person then must hold onto it until they are out of danger.  Over the last 15 years in practice I have learned that my […]

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Top 4 Blood Tests for Inflammation

In my Newmarket chiropractic office, I see more and more people coming in with chronic inflammation (AKA pain).  Excess internal inflammation due to lack of proper nutrition, high stress, and chronic disease causes a host of health problems – cancer, heart disease, digestive problems, fatigue, and chronic pain to name only a few.  How do […]

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Are You Sabotaging Your Healing

Are you Healing? Over the years, I have literally seen thousands of patients in my Newmarket chiropractic practice.  One thing I know for certain is that people heal at different rates.  In my experience, those people that may take a bit longer to heal, or have the occasional “flare-up” seem to have a number of […]

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water fliter

Do you really need to filter your water?

In the past, if I was asked whether someone should filter their water my answer was always YES! However, that answer was always based on “just in case” there were impurities or toxins in our water, without ever truly knowing.

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