Daily Low Back Stretching

low back stretching

We don’t stretch enough. In particular, low back stretching seems to be low on the list of daily priorities. Our low backs deserve more attention. If you fail to look after your lower back, you may find yourself not being able to enjoy life. Low back pain is one of the top causes of disability on the planet.

Why Stretch?

Low back stretching is not only good for our tight muscles in our lower spine and hip areas, but it allows our joints to move through a normal range of motion. Joints were designed to move. Joints that don’t move regularly become unhealthy joints. Unhealthy joints cause pain and mobility problems….something no one wants. Remember, motion is lotion for our muscles and joints.

How to Stretch

One of the main reasons we do not engage in low back stretching is most people don’t know how or what to stretch. The good news, the video below will show you 4 excellent stretches (yoga based) that you can do daily to help you feel and function better.

In addition to low back stretching, strengthening your lower back is just as important. Below is a great 6 minute core stability program for you to do right after your stretching! 🙂

Sedentary Lifestyle

Due to our increasingly “sitting” lifestyle, we need to put some effort into keeping our low back happy and healthy. In addition to chiropractic care, regular low back stretching and strengthening will go a long way keeping your active and enjoying life. You do not have to do 100s of sit-ups daily to keep your back healthy – in fact, I recommend you do not to sit-ups at all!

A little daily effort pays dividends,

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