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General Health

Drop Table Adjustments

We use a variety of techniques (instrument, hands-on, muscle techniques) in our chiropractic clinic in Newmarket. One you will certainly ‘hear’ is the sound of our highly specialized tables as they ‘drop’ when an adjustment is delivered. Drop table adjustments use Newton’s first law of motion – remember high school physics??? Using the mass of […]

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Maintenance Care?

Maintenance care was more effective than ‘going when it hurts’ in reducing the number of bothersome (painful) days.

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Gift of Health 2018-2019!

Gift of Health It is that time of year again!  That’s right – our gift of health (GOH) cards are now available for your family and friends!  It is a great time to get checked at Chiropractic on Eagle with a $300 value gift card that is free to give out.  As usual, for each GOH […]

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Spinal Homework?

Yes, that is correct!  H-o-m-e-w-o-r-k!  We all know our health lies squarely on are own shoulders.  Once we learn what we need to do to get healthy, the only thing we need to do is act. Do.  Repeat. Get Healthy. As a patient in our office, we expect you to get better.  In fact, we […]

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Health is simple. Action is hard.

Do you believe that health is simple?   Let’s take the quiz… Is it better to eat processed foods or whole foods? Is it better to exercise or not to exercise? Should you brush or not brush your teeth? The above questions are easy.  And there are hundreds if not thousands of scenarios we face […]

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Chiropractic vs. Medicine

Apples and oranges. They are both round, they are fruit and taste great.  But they are completely different. The same is true about chiropractic and medicine.  Both involve people, they are a form of health care and can have great effects.  Looking in from the outside I can see how people would see them to […]

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Which way are you moving?

Here is my rant for the day.  As a healthcare provider, specifically a doctor of chiropractic (DC), it is my calling to lead people towards better health.  Diagnosing and treating a patient is only a portion of my job as I see it.  The Latin translation of “doctor” is “teacher,” so a big part of what I try and do is to “coach” someone on how to look after themselves and their family.

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What’s the Chiropractic Prescription for Headaches?

You, me and millions of other Canadians have probably more than once taken a Tylenol or an Advil to help relieve the symptoms of a pounding headache.  And migraines, well that’s another story. Medicine does a great job at getting a determined result.  You have headache symptoms, take this and the symptoms will be reduced […]

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Jaw Pain? Is it from your neck?

Many people tell me they have TMJ.  I always get a chuckle as they are right. We all have TMJ (temporomandibular joint).  This is your jaw joint. What they are trying to say is they have TMD (temporomandibular disorder) a.k.a. Jaw pain. There are many different types of jaw pain such as myofascial pain syndrome, […]

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