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General Health

Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)

What is Degenerative Disc Disease? Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD) is a process of one or more discs undergoing a loss disc height and hydration over time. When this happens, the […]

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pandemic posture

Pandemic Posture?

Pandemic posture: sitting too long in the same position without moving. Slouched forward, rolled in shoulders and forward head posture. This position puts a lot of strain through our joints, […]

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healthy foods

Anti-inflammatory Diet and Supplements for Chronic Inflammation and Pain

Chronic Inflammation Chronic inflammation is at the root of many diseases. This type of inflammation often progresses silently, it is the cause of most chronic diseases and presents a major […]

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bad stretches

NEVER Do These Stretches…EVER!

In certain circumstances spines stretches can be helpful. However, when it comes to your spinal health, there are certain stretches you should avoid – they are just not worth the […]

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cervical vertigo

Cervical Vertigo

Did you know that dizziness can come from your neck? We are learning more and more about how damage to certain tissues in the neck can cause cervical vertigo or […]

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low back pain

Do This to Avoid Back Pain!

Low back pain and stiffness is a huge problem. We’ve all experienced it at some point. It affects how we move. It affects our enjoyment of life, and it even […]

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Does Your Neck Grind or Pop?

Does your neck grind when you move it? Maybe sometimes it will click or pop when you turn your head? Does this mean you have a neck problem? One of […]

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Is Neck Pain Serious

When is Neck Pain Serious?

Your neck hurts. It’s been bothering for some time. One of the first questions or thoughts in your head “is my neck pain serious?” So when should you be concerned […]

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low back stretching

Daily Low Back Stretching

We don’t stretch enough. In particular, low back stretching seems to be low on the list of daily priorities. Our low backs deserve more attention. If you fail to look […]

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