Anti-inflammatory Diet and Supplements for Chronic Inflammation and Pain

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Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is at the root of many diseases. This type of inflammation often progresses silently, it is the cause of most chronic diseases and presents a major threat to the health and longevity of individuals. Inflammation is considered a major contributor to several diseases.

The most common reasons for chronic inflammation are poor dietary choices, stress (increased cortisol which triggers inflammatory activity), and environmental toxins.

Some of the common signs and symptoms that develop during chronic inflammation are listed below:

-Body pain, joint pain, and muscle pain

-Chronic fatigue and insomnia

-Depression, anxiety and mood disorders

-Gastrointestinal complications like constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux

-Weight gain or weight loss

-Frequent infections

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12 Steps to Decreasing Chronic Inflammation

  1. Believe you can.  This will help you to be consistent with the necessary lifestyle changes
  2. Start by adding good foods to your diet (don’t worry about eliminating yet)
  3. Add in the essential supplements (omega 3’s, vitamin D3, and probiotics)
  4. As you start to build momentum, start to eliminate/reduce the whites (refined carbs), juices/sodas, dairy, and bad fats
  5. Reduce/eliminate processed (boxed) foods
  6. Consider other supplements that you may require – magnesium or turmeric to help with inflammation
  7. Increase your water intake
  8. Increase your daily activity/exercise
  9. Get adjusted by a chiropractor – keep your joints moving and in alignment to reduce pain and increase mobility.
  10. Try to improve the quality of your sleep
  11. Reduce your stress by engaging in things that make you happy – hobby, activity, etc…
  12. Give yourself some grace

Very few people will be perfect when implementing the above steps and that is OK! Start with the easiest steps and build some momentum. Before long you will notice some improvement and will start to feel better. This will create some momentum and you will be on your way to decreasing your inflammation and living your best life.

Keep smiling,

Newmarket chiropractor

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