Omega Fatty Acids?

Fats (omega 3s) that are good!

There are a couple of essential nutrients that your body needs to be healthy that it cannot make or get enough from the food you consume daily.  Omega 3s or essential fatty acids (EFAs) happen to be one of them.  As a Newmarket chiropractor, it is a passion of mine to help you improve your health and this is one easy way to do that.  Here is why you need EFAs:

  1. Your cells require EFAs to maintain shape and flexibility. Flexibility allows for nutrients to move into your cells and maintaining proper shape allows for proper cellular communication.
  2. EFAs are required to allow for proper nerve signal transmission (memory, concentration, strength, healing, etc.). If you want your body to heal, you need EFAs.
  3. EFAs regulate inflammation. If you are deficient (you are), you will be in a constant inflammatory state – omega 3s produce an anti-inflammatory effect.  Also, at the root of most disease is inflammation.  Reduce inflammation and you have a significantly greater chance of avoiding most modern-day diseases.
  4. EFAs play a role in virtually every human function – growth, repair, development, digestion, immune function, hormone production, etc.

These are only a few of the many benefits of omega 3 supplementation, with well over 2000 scientific papers providing evidence on the importance of EFAs.  If you are a human living in our modern day, there is no debate that you should consider supplementing with a quality omega 3 supplement.

Clean oil?

Other considerations when looking at omega-3 EFAs – manufacturing of the product and the ratio of EPA/DHA in the product:

  1. Is the oil purified in a non-chemical molecular distillation process? Does the process protect the oil from oxidation?
  2. Does the extraction process keep the fish in its most natural form possible, ensuring proper ratios of EPA/DHA?

You need to know the answers to these questions, otherwise you may be wasting your money, or worse, you may be ruining your health.  There are only a few products I would personally take or allow my wife and children to consume…one is Innate Choice Omega Sufficiency.

Keep Pure,

Dr. Jon Saunders





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