Are You Sabotaging Your Healing

Are you Healing?

Over the years, I have literally seen thousands of patients in my Newmarket chiropractic practice.  One thing I know for certain is that people heal at different rates.  In my experience, those people that may take a bit longer to heal, or have the occasional “flare-up” seem to have a number of things in common.  Some of those things cannot be controlled (like the weather, a bad sleeping position, or an accident for example), but I want to focus on those things that can be controlled.  Healing is always up to the patient – are they willing to do more than they are currently doing, in order to help themselves get better?  You see, most often getting better or feeling worse usually results from either something you are doing, or something you are not doing.  Here is a list of my top things that could be sabotaging your rate of healing:

  • Smoking

We know that smoking can cause cancer, heart disease, and depression.  But did you know that smoking also has a direct damaging effect on vertebral discs.  Nicotine has a direct toxic effect on the disc tissue, making the discs softer and accelerating degeneration.  Smoking also increases sensitivity to pain – double whammy! Accelerated degeneration and more pain.  There are now more than ever more reasons to quit, especially if you are trying to heal.

  • Sugar intake/processed foods

Fruit juice, frosted flakes, and even yogurt are highly processed and have massive amounts of sugar in them.  Why should you care?  Sugar causes inflammation and inflammation is responsible for your pain.  Click here for an anti-inflammatory shopping list.

  • Lack of exercise

Think of motion as “lotion” for your joints.  If they do not move, they dry up and degenerate.  Thinking about going for a walk at lunch after having sat at your computer all morning?  Good idea.  Your joints will thank you and you will promote healing in your body.  Movement is essential to healing.

  • Nutrient deficiency

You are deficient in vitamin D, Omega 3’s, and probiotics if you are a human living in Canada.  Without adequate levels of all 3 of these essential nutrients, your body will produce an excess amount of chronic inflammation – ouch!  The simple strategy of becoming sufficient in these nutrients through proper supplementation, will propel your healing to the next level.

  • Not following your recovery plan

This one is the easiest.  You have a recovery plan that has been laid out specifically for you based on some very specific testing.  Are you following it?  Are you showing up for your adjustments, taking your recommended supplements, sleeping in the correct position (click here for a video on that), doing your home rehab. exercises and traction?

Even at the best of times, when you are actively going through the healing process, it can sometimes be a long, frustrating journey with lots of up-s and down-s, especially if you are healing from a chronic condition.  Do not go through this process with a parking-brake on.  Apply the items above, remove any barriers that may be slowing you down, and take YOUR life back.  Focus on the things you can control, not on those you cannot.  The process will be much more enjoyable. 🙂

Be Well,

Dr. Jon Saunders

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