Spinal Homework?

Yes, that is correct!  H-o-m-e-w-o-r-k!  We all know our health lies squarely on are own shoulders.  Once we learn what we need to do to get healthy, the only thing we need to do is act.

Do.  Repeat. Get Healthy.

As a patient in our office, we expect you to get better.  In fact, we know you will get better…if…you take responsibility and want to get better.

Top 5 things you can do to get great results:


  • Stay on Schedule (and make up any missed adjustments ASAP). Why? Just like working out/eating well/stretching/etc. each visit builds on the one before.  We don’t want to tread water in your health, we want to move forward!


  • Do your homework! Spinal traction, mirror-image and stability exercises.  These are extremely important.    Have you forgotten how to do them?  No problem.  Ask us at your next visit to go through them with you again.


  • Eat Better. Click here for some easy help with this.  Think “anti-inflammatory” food.


  • Move More. Change your position frequently.  Get in your 10,000+ steps/day.  Do some simple stretches any time you remember.  Better yet, set an alarm on your watch or phone to remind you to move.  Your movements are cumulative in benefiting you.


  • Supplement. If you are deficient in vitamin D, omega 3’s, or probiotics, your healing will be compromised.  A high-performance race car doesn’t take regular gas for a reason, it needs the proper fuel to perform it’s best.  So do you.


It only takes these 5 things to get results.

Getting great results isn’t rocket science.  That is why we are confident you will get better.  Put these 5 things to work for you (homework) and your body will respond by healing.  You were designed to heal perfectly.

What would a healthy body and mind do for your life?

Dr. Jon Saunders

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