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mid back pain

Mid-Back Pain

Probably the most common cause of mid-back pain, like neck pain, is from our current “sit-too-long” lifestyle.  We sit in front of computers, stare down at our phones, commute longer distances, and frankly do not put much thought into our posture throughout the day.  With gravity a constant, our mid-backs (and necks) take the brunt […]

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Dog sleeping

Best Sleeping Position

Your sleeping position matters.  Whether you have pain or not, we all need to be aware of the best position to sleep in.  Minimizing neck and low back pain, headaches, sciatica, or a disc bulge/herniation, your sleeping position as a big impact on how you feel. The mattress and pillow you use will also determine […]

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vitamin D

Sunshine Vitamin

We need exposure to the sunshine vitamin on a daily basis for 10-15 minutes directly on our arms and legs.  Even consuming foods abundant in Vitamin D still hasn’t helped mitigate our society’s deficiency in this vitamin. We were genetically designed to get our vitamin D from the sun.  So, if you live in Canada […]

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suboccipital headache

Cervicogenic Headaches

I know headaches and migraines very well.  In fact, I became a chiropractor because chiropractic helped me get rid of my headaches and migraines.  Cervicogenic headaches are those that originate from the neck (cervical spine).  There are many tissues in the neck that can refer pain to the head, hence the name cervicogenic headache. There […]

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proper lifting

Lifting Floor to Waist 101

Stop ‘Lifting’ with Your Knees If you are someone currently dealing with a low back injury (disc bulge, sciatica, or degenerative disc disease), lifting by squatting down with your knees (squat lift) may be the only way to accomplish a medium-to-heavy lift without significant pain.  However, for those trying to prevent a back injury from […]

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Power Smoothie

Want a delicious, nutritious, whole food snack or meal replacement?  Try this “Power” smoothie my wife has perfected.  Here is what you are getting in this smoothie: Blueberries & Cherries – antioxidants + vitamins + minerals + fibre Flaxseeds – omega 3 fats + fibre + protein Lemon Juice – vitamin C Banana – potassium […]

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Sit-ups Are BAD For You

Sit-ups used to be the gold-standard for working out your ‘abs.’  And for some people they may still be appropriate – think high level athlete, sport-specific training, or cross-fitter.  But, for most people they are frankly unnecessary and can cause injury. Keeping in Balance Let me explain.  Our bodies are meant to move in a […]

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Your 60 Pound Head?

More than ever before, forward head posture (FHP), ‘text neck’, and ‘shneck pain’ are becoming a regular presentation in my Newmarket chiropractic clinic.  More alarming is that this is occurring in the younger population.  It is not uncommon to see 10-year-old with significant FHP.  FHP is associated with early degenerative disc disease, headaches, arm and […]

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shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain or Neck Problem?

Do you have shoulder pain that just won’t go away?  You have exercised it, rehabbed it, stretched it out, and even iced it regularly, but…it’s still there.  Some days it feels ok, and other days it may be unbearable.  If you know you have torn your rotator cuff, separated your shoulder playing a sport, or […]

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