At Chiropractic on Eagle in Newmarket, we know that without an accurate diagnosis, successful patient outcomes are impossible.  That is why we rely on innovative technology to help us with our diagnosis – your health depends on it and we will never guess with finding out what is causing your health problems.  Of course we use years of experience as well as posture, orthopaedic and neurological testing, and palpation (feeling the alignment/movement of the spinal bones) in addition to our technology.

Infra-red Thermography Technology

We use the state-of-the-art non-invasavie Insight Millennium Subluxation Station (infra-red thermography) that objectively helps us to:

  • Detect areas of nerve disturbance along your spine
  • Document and monitor your results as you progress through caretechnology-Image
  • Deliver appropriate and custom chiropractic care

It also enables us to detect nerve interference in newborns and infants with a high level of precision. The thermographic scan gives us a “picture” of what is happening in your autonomic nervous system, that helps determine how and where there may be stresses in your nerves.

Diagnostic X-rays (Digital)

We also provide on-site x-ray technology in order to diagnose you accurately. To see is to know and we will not guess when it comes to your health. X-ray technology is essential for determining how you are responding to your care and will be used when necessary at progress examinations to document your progress.  Click Here to see a video about the “why” and “how” of our x-ray reading.


Of course our technology extends into our treatments as well.  Please click here to see how we are able to gently adjust our patients with outstanding results.

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