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Power Smoothie


Want a delicious, nutritious, whole food snack or meal replacement?  Try this “Power” smoothie my wife has perfected.  Here is what you are getting in this smoothie:

  • Blueberries & Cherries – antioxidants + vitamins + minerals + fibre
  • Flaxseeds – omega 3 fats + fibre + protein
  • Lemon Juice – vitamin C
  • Banana – potassium + antioxidants
  • Dates – polyphenols + Vitamin B6 + potassium
  • Almond Butter – protein + good fats + vitamin E + iron + calcium

This nutritious whole food power smoothie will help your body perform at it’s best!

Follow the recipe in picture and blend until the smoothie is thoroughly mixed. Serves 2.


P.S. Click here for another one of my favourite smoothie recipes.

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