13 Healthy Habits

We know there are many things we can do to create more healthy habits in our lives…the truth is, it is not a lack of information that keeps us unhealthy. It’s the lack of action in applying the information we already know!  The most important step in getting healthier is to implement small changes in our habits over time.

1. Ask Questions

Please ask. Research shows that when patients fully understand the nature of their problem and the strategies used to help, they get better with faster results. We will ask questions of you to fully understand your symptoms and goals. We will stay in good communication and make sure you fully understand what’s wrong and what needs to be done.

2. Keep Your Appointments

Your care plan is designed to produce the best results in the shortest amount of time. Each visit builds on the one prior. Make this one of your healthy habits.  If you began taking bricks out of the foundation of your house, the house would ultimately crumble. Missing visits will severely stall your progress and healing.

3. Get Moving

Exercise is essential for healing. We will be providing you with specific exercises and stretches as well. If you are interested we will instruct you on how to safely begin an exercise program.

4. Better Nutrition

You are what you eat. Are you following our dietary recommendations? How about our supplement recommendations? We provide you with this information to help us help you. Don’t cheat yourself!

5. Drink More Water

You are mostly made up of water. It is essential to life and healing. Eight glasses a day is recommended at minimum. All fluids are not created equal!

6. Restful Sleep

Most healing occurs at rest; that’s why adequate sleep is imperative to your healing. We recommend having 6 – 9 hours per night. Of course, we want you to follow our recommendations for sleeping posture as well.

7. Less Coffee

Caffeine, like other drugs, affects your nervous system. The boost in energy and feeling of heightened alertness that coffee provides comes at a cost: addiction. It operates on the central nervous system using the same mechanism used by amphetamines, cocaine and heroin. To quit, try reducing ½ cup per day to a maximum of just 1 – 2 cups a day.  At the very least, choose a healthier coffee bean (organic) and make that one of your healthy habits.

8. Stop Smoking

Smoking damages your health and can shorten your life. It also impairs the body’s healing capabilities by altering blood chemistry – not a good thing. Trying to quit? Many people have found hypnotherapy to be quite effective.

9. Reduce Alcohol Consumption

Yes, there may be some benefits to drinking alcohol in moderate amounts. The problem is with defining moderation. One glass 3 times a week seems OK if you must.

10. Give up soft drinks

They contain about 10 teaspoons of sugar per can, artificial flavouring, preservatives, and other chemical ingredients. Enough said. They can causes inflammation, which causes pain – so not worth it!

11. Proper Weight

Getting to your ideal weight will help with your progress. Being overweight, besides the obvious health concerns it brings (heart disease, cancer, diabetes, etc.) can affect your structural alignment. Also, excess weight puts more stress through your discs, joints, and consequently your nerves, the very things we’re correcting. If you need extra help with achieving your ideal weight, please ask us, we are here to help!

12. Limit Media Use

Media (TV, computer, video games) robs valuable time, promotes a sedentary lifestyle, and creates poor posture habits. Limit your time “in front” of media outlets, and your health will benefit tremendously.

13. Remain Hopeful

We are hopeful, so you should be too! Healing takes time, so remain optimistic. Research consistently shows that those who are optimistic heal at faster rates.

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