Did you grab the life preserver?

Life preserver?

For a life preserver to be effective, a person must first believe it works.  A person then must decide to actually reach for it and grab hold.  Finally, the person then must hold onto it until they are out of danger.  Over the last 15 years in practice I have learned that my job is a simple one: to throw out a life preserver.  I have also recognized that there are people, who believe that a life preserver works, take action, grab it, and hold on.  Also, there are those who don’t believe, fail to act, and sink.  What a shame.

First, let’s talk about belief.  In order for something to be effective, a person must believe it will be effective for them.  The main principle we teach in our office is that your body is a self-healing and self-regulating being.  This is a scientific fact.  Your nervous system accomplishes this every second of every day.  If someone doesn’t understand this principle, most likely, they will rely on artificial chemicals (drugs) to deal with their ailments.

In Your Control

Thinking is easy, acting is difficult.  Will you act and grab for the life preserver?  One thing is certain; we are in complete control of our life and health.  It’s the decisions to act or not that dictates our current and future state of affairs.  I get excited knowing that I am in complete control of my health and that it is my decisions that will influence the future quality of my life.  Research shows that our health can no longer be blamed on genetics.  In the past this was an easy place to lay blame.  We cannot do this anymore: 80% is environmental (in our control); 20% is genetic.

Hang on for the ride

Once you grab the life preserver, will you hold on?  Our health is a journey, not an event.  Sickness is created over long periods of time, as is health.  Are you willing to take the necessary steps to regain, maintain, and then optimise your health?  I know that my practice boasts some of the most healthy, balanced people in our community.  I also know that we are helping people become healthier than they’ve been in years…the process may not always be an easy one, but the end result and quality of life will always be worth the effort and perseverance.  Hang on. 🙂

Be well,

Dr. Jon Saunders

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