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F.A.Q’s – Newmarket chiropractic

Here are some F.A.Q’s to help you better understand chiropractic health care.

Q: What is the difference between “corrective” and regular chiropractic care?
A: In our Newmarket chiropractic office, “corrective” means getting to the underlying cause of your problems. In our office, this means looking at the spine on x-ray and determining the extent of damage and misalignment. When we have a baseline x-ray, we have a starting point to compare your progress with re-x-rays and scans. Any office that specializes in “corrective” care, should have baseline x-rays and significant extra training in spinal correction.
Q: What happens if I miss a visit?
A: Quite simply, your results will either be slower or not as expected. Remember, each adjustment builds on the previous one. In order to change your postural pattern, every adjustment is extremely important. Your missed adjustment should be rescheduled as soon as possible.
Q: Should I expect a flare-up from time to time?
A: In many cases, flare-ups are common for a number of reasons. In order to get to the root cause of your problem, there are many layers of damage that you must “undo”, like peeling the layers of an onion until you get to the core. As well, you are at the mercy of the environment around you – you likely sit in front of a computer, sleep in various positions, lift things wrongly occasionally, and are undoubtedly exposed to numerous ‘stressors’ throughout the day. Even with a healthy spine, you are not invincible to everyday environmental stresses.
Q: Why does my spine take so long to get corrected?
A: Many of our patients begin care after much damage has occurred. Years of not knowing there was a problem or covering up symptoms with medications has allowed the spine to continue to deteriorate. Unfortunately after years of neglect, healing does take time. The good news? Healing can still happen, just on your body’s time!
Q: If I feel better, does that mean my x-ray is better?
A: Maybe, or maybe not. The only way to tell if you are improving is with a comparative exam including x-rays. The opposite may also be true – just because you still aren’t feeling as good as you want yet, doesn’t mean your x-rays are not improving. Remember, there will have to be a certain amount of underlying correction, for you to begin to notice.
Q: Is my home rehab important?
A: Absolutely!!! It is the difference between incredible spinal correction and mediocre spinal correction. Our office has the most cutting edge home rehab equipment available at our disposal. This is where you get to be actively involved in your recovery! Research and clinical observation reveals that active involvement ALWAYS outperforms passive involved health care.
Q: What can I do to get the best results?
A: Simple. Show up to ALL your adjustments; listen to our recommendations for home rehab and do them; take any supplements we have prescribed; attend any advanced workshops we offer; and have HOPE!

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