Drop Table Adjustments

We use a variety of techniques (instrument, hands-on, muscle techniques) in our chiropractic clinic in Newmarket. One you will certainly ‘hear’ is the sound of our highly specialized tables as they ‘drop’ when an adjustment is delivered.

Drop table adjustments use Newton’s first law of motion – remember high school physics??? Using the mass of the patient when lying down and a gentle, specific force from the chiropractor’s hand, the table gives way causing the spinal segment(s) to move. When the table stops at the bottom of the ‘drop’, the energy is then transferred into the segment(s). This causes a transfer of momentum – precisely and specifically to the area in the spine being moved.


Drop table adjustments offer a variety of benefits to the patient, one being it is one of the most comfortable types of adjustments available.

Here are some more reasons we like drop table adjustments:

  1. Patient comfort – no need to fight through muscle guarding, a patient will always be in a relaxed frame of mind just like if they were lying down for a rest.
  2. More control – the ‘drop’ table has a built in stop-gap as well as tension control based on the weight of the body segment being adjusted, so the adjustment is delivered on the ‘give’ of the table.
  3. Specific – the drop pieces allow for only specific areas that need to be adjusted to be moved.
  4. No “crack” – typically the only noise will be from the table itself – comfortable and relaxed patients allow for an adjustment to hold better.
  5. Seamless analysis at each visit. Evaluating the whole spine from top to bottom or bottom up is important! This enables the doctor to see how compensation may be causing problems in other areas of the spine.
  6. Patient History – some patients cannot get “twisted” due to comfort level, previous surgery, young age, or those with a specific medical condition. So, a drop table gives us a great option for them.

Posture Correction

Using drop table adjustments is one of the best ways to correct postural problems. The technique allows the doctor to “mirror” the poor posture with an opposite directing force. For example, look at the picture below and focus on the right pelvis (hip) area. You can see that the pelvis is “high” on the right side. If this patient were to lie down on a drop table, the adjustment would direct force “down” (see red arrow). This would help level out the pelvis. This is just one example of the many ways drop table adjustments can help restore proper alignment.

There you have it! Our techniques are chosen for you to get the best possible spinal correction in the shortest amount of time.

‘Drop’ in sometime for an adjustment,

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