Avoid These Exercises!

exercises to avoid in gym

Avoid these exercises? One of the most common questions I get (especially from newer patients) is, “Are there exercises I should be avoiding in the gym?”

My answer? Absolutely!!!

You always want to be ‘posture-aware’ in your daily activity and this includes in the gym. Most injuries occur slowly over time, from doing poor movements over and over again. Think overuse injuries like a rotator cuff injury or tendonitis. Even chronic headaches from sitting in front of your computer, or staring down at your phone are good examples on not being ‘posture-aware’. Another good example is ‘couch-slouch‘.

“But doc, I didn’t do anything, my shoulder just started to hurt after that last set.” A common thing I hear. It’s often the last straw that break the camels back.

When I see certain exercises being done, I cringe. I know over the long term they are damaging to someone’s spine. I see it on x-rays.

Watch the video below to see my top 4 exercises to STOP doing in the the gym immediately…you definitely see people still doing these BAD exercises.

Save your neck, back, and shoulders and please avoid them!

Exercise smarter,

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