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New Patients

When you (or a new patient) arrive at our office you will be greeted warmly by our staff, which is exceptionally well trained and has been hand-picked for their commitment to customer service. Their first priority is to help you have a comfortable experience. They will assist you in completing the initial paperwork as well as answer any questions you may have.

Soon after you have filled out the initial paperwork, you will have a private meeting with our examination specialist Pam and one of our doctors to discuss your health concerns. There is no doubt that you will find our doctor to be warm, personable and a great listener.

Download our new patient forms below

Adult Form (14 and older)
Child Form (13 and younger)

After the consultation, you will be thoroughly examined by the doctor. Your posture, the results of orthopedic and neurological tests, and palpation (feeling the position of your spinal bones) will help the doctor determine the state of your health. You will also have your spine scanned with our infrared thermography scanner to determine the amount of stress you are carrying in your nervous system. At this point, the doctor will decide if x-rays are necessary.

Total time for first visit is approximately 45 minutes

Report of Findings: after the doctor has had a chance to go over all your results, a summary package will be prepared for you before your next visit. Your doctor will spend time going over all the details of your results and make a recommendation of care.

We also have an advance spinal care class for you to attend to better understand your care, how you can heal faster, and the dos and don’t s of making your care more effective. We get a tremendous amount of positive feedback from this visit, as it gives you the patient more control over what you can do to help yourself.  This is a value added visit that costs nothing, but pays dividends to you in your recovery.  This will be booked after your initial examination.

That’s it! Your first visit will be precise, thorough, and easy. If you are ready to start on your road to better health and wellness, give us a call at 905.953.1028. You will be glad you did.

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