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Chiropractic on Eagle is very active in the community educating people about the benefits of natural health care through our dynamic health workshops. Our doctors are experienced personal trainers, nutrition consultants and kinesiologists. They use these backgrounds to educate and inspire people to reach their optimal health potential.

Chiropractic on Eagle has joined with many community groups, corporations, and agencies to deliver motivational wellness education. If you or your company desire an informative and passionate seminar or health screening, please call us at 905.953.1028 to schedule your next event. We know everyone will benefit and love it! We have spoken to literally thousands of people through our workshops, and would be happy to allow you to speak directly to our recipients for feedback on their experience.

Dr. Jon is a founder of the Extreme Health Makeover York Region, the region’s largest health seminar, allowing participants to undergo a dramatic transformation in all aspects of their health.

Our newest seminar series “The Better Program” is a 3-part seminar program: Eat Better, Move Better, and Think Better. We know that everyone is at a different point in his or her health in these 3 areas, so we designed this series with that in mind. “We know that people can get better in any aspect of their health, but they need to know where they are and how to get to where they want to be,” says Dr. Saunders. This program was launched to enable participants to go from point A to point B as seamlessly as possible.

Corporate wellness

The Better Program has been extremely well received in the corporate world. For more information, please call 905.953.1028.

“Dr. Jon has raised the level of health-consciousness at L’Arche Daybreak! His workshops on nutrition have been popular with our care providers and our members with disabilities. Dr. Jon has extraordinary interpersonal skills, is an active listener and communicates the basics of good nutrition effectively and simply. His presentation was well organized and his approachability led to a lively time of active learning and engagement. Dr. Jon’s respect for diversity within the context of our organization was genuine and tangible. He reached out and connected with people with intellectual disabilities in a friendly, respectful and appropriate manner, understanding their unique needs, differences and abilities. I have personally observed our habits around food shifting at L’Arche Daybreak – a reminder of the importance of having a good teacher and mentor like Dr. Jon to guide us.”

Homes Coordinator

L’Arche Daybreak

11339 Yonge St,

Richmond Hill, On

Some of the topics Dr. Jon has presented in the past:

  • Modern Supplementation – What is Required for Optimal Health?
  • 10 Healthy Steps to Weight Loss
  • Headaches and Migraine: The Chiropractic Advantage
  • Advanced Nutrition and Wellness
  • Naturally Harness 3 Times More Energy Daily!
  • How to Raise Healthy Kids
  • Power Stretching and Ergonomics
  • Stress: The Silent Killer
  • Cleansing Workshop
  • Many other health and wellness topics

Call 905.953.1028 to book your next health talk or corporate health event.

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