Health Expectations

health expectations

What are your health expectations?

Quality of life.  Seems simple enough.  But, what does that mean?  I can give my humble opinion based on 16 years of clinical practice and tens of thousands of patient interactions. 

Here is what most people don’t expect:  A miracle cure.  To never experience pain or discomfort ever again.  To be able to 100% reverse decades of abuse, bad decisions, bad luck, or disease. 

Most people are very reasonable and realistic with their health goals and expectations.  Even so, most have no idea where to start.  There are so many ‘trendy’ miracle cures out there.  Don’t fall for them, they don’t work.  Bring ‘the basics’ back into your healthcare routine – keep stress as low as possible, eat whole healthy foods, move more, sit less, and be grateful.  Simple, but it works.

What are your expectations with respect to your health?

Improvement?  Maintenance?  Both are respectable and achievable goals.  A question I often ask patients before making a recommendation for their care – “are you happy with your current quality of life?”  If the answer is “yes” – my recommendations will be drastically different than if the answer is “no.”  This is an important question to ask yourself.  And you need to be truthful with yourself, because if you want tangible improvements, it is going to take effort and work.  It may even be a grind for some.  But it will be worth it.

How about this?  To be able to move freely; get out of a chair; play a game of golf or tennis; or be social with family and friends?  All reasonable and possible regardless of where you are starting. 

How do you achieve your health goals?

Get a baseline.  Implement a realistic recovery plan.  Have a realistic timeline.  Do the work involved.  Be patient with the process.  Be an active participant, not just a passive by-stander.  Be hopeful.  And finally, be grateful you can get well again.

Remember, your chiropractic care should not stop after you get off the adjusting table.  It should be the beginning of the process.  Remember, keep your recovery as simple and stress-free as possible.  And please…

…raise your expectations 😊

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