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Chiropractic care is essential for kids. Kids get subluxations too! If subluxations go uncorrected, spinal degeneration will begin. This is not good!

If you look at the pastimes of our children, you will quickly notice that time spent in front of a computer, TV, or X-box has risen dramatically since we were children. This can be the cause of many postural problems. The number of bumps and tumbles a child will take in their childhood are too numerous to count (research suggests over 1500 falls!). Without even mentioning the mental and emotional stresses your child faces head-on each day, you will begin to see how these things can take a toll on their health. Many of these ‘stresses’ can cause subluxations in their spine-directly interfering with their bodies ability to heal and function. If your child is to be truly healthy and well, chiropractic is crucial. In fact, most problems we see in adults started when they were children!

We are often convinced that most childhood problems like ‘growing pains’, bed-wetting, headaches, and ear infections are “normal” childhood conditions.

There is nothing normal about health problems, no matter how old someone is. Chiropractic has been very successful in dealing with these so-called “normal” stages of childhood.

A British study reviewed in the ICA (international Chiropractic Association) in the fall/winter 2003 found that almost 10% of children had signs of asymptomatic disc degeneration in their spines as diagnosed by MRI. Dr. Francis Smith, radiologist stated, “Previous thinking was that disc degeneration occurred after puberty”. Smith further added, “None of the children had ever any problems with their back, and none reported any back pain or other symptoms of disc degeneration”.

Chiropractors have suggested that most problems seen in adults usually have a start in childhood. This study supports this observation.

Chiropractic Research on Children

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