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What’s the Chiropractic Prescription for Headaches?


You, me and millions of other Canadians have probably more than once taken a Tylenol or an Advil to help relieve the symptoms of a pounding headache.  And migraines, well that’s another story.

Medicine does a great job at getting a determined result.  You have headache symptoms, take this and the symptoms will be reduced in 30 minutes or so.  But that’s just it, we are only covering up the symptoms, not fixing the problem. When have you ever had a headache from a lack of Tylenol in your blood?

Don’t get me wrong, there is a need for medication, as there is a time and place for almost everything.  But there are alternatives.

Chiropractic and headaches

Chiropractic care is seeked out by millions for the resolution of headaches.  One study in 2011 reviewed 21 published research articles to review the efficacy of chiropractic care for headaches. The conclusion was chiropractic care can improve migraines and headaches.  The catch was the type, frequency, dosage, and durations of treatment should be determined by the current literature, clinical experience and findings of the chiropractor.

This is why the chiropractor should never give you a cut and stone prescription/timeline for the resolution of your headache.  I wish we could tell you it will take “X” amount of visits to get symptom relief, but since headaches can be multifactorial a chiropractor should first test and assess your current condition and then make individual recommendations based on those findings and clinical experience (as the research states).

At the end of the day if you are suffering from headaches or migraines you should definitely be checked and tested by a chiropractor.  Make sure they have experience treating headaches and after testing (they should always test) then they will advise you if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.

Until next time, stay healthy!

Dr. Adam Markew

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