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Health is simple. Action is hard.

Do you believe that health is simple?  

Let’s take the quiz…

Is it better to eat processed foods or whole foods?

Is it better to exercise or not to exercise?

Should you brush or not brush your teeth?

The above questions are easy.  And there are hundreds if not thousands of scenarios we face just like this every single day.  But how many of them are you doing consistently?

The concepts are simple and 99% of us know what we should be doing… it’s the action you take and the execution of these concepts that are difficult.

When you understand the correct principles of health and you take consistent action for a period of time, you will see incredible change.  

So let me ask you a question.  If you already know some things you can do to improve your health today, why haven’t you started?

Action step: pick one and only one health related concept that you know would improve your health and do it daily for 21 days.  Why 21 days?  Well that’s the amount of time it takes you to form a habit. After 21 days add something new. Then you can rinse and repeat!

Dr. Adam Markew

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