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Dr. Adam Markew


Growing up in a traditional Canadian family, Dr. Adam didn’t have his first visit with a Chiropractor until his late teenage years. At the time, his family thought Chiropractors were only good for sports injury and back pain. Immediately after learning how Chiropractic works and improves health, his passion for athletics shifted to his current passion of optimal health.

After graduating high school in Pickering Ontario, Dr. Adam moved to Waterloo to study Kinesiology at Sir Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU).  During his time at WLU he played Varsity Rugby and was named a member of the Ontario University Athletics All-Star Team.  During his third year at WLU Dr. Adam gained early acceptance into Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.  During his time there he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach and trained many elite athletes.

Throughout his career as a Chiropractor Dr. Adam has had the opportunity to work with many different patients and populations.  He has enjoyed working with members of the Canadian National Rugby and Lacrosse teams as well as many avid runners and triathletes.  He has also worked with many seniors to help them age well and maintain their independence.  Dr. Adam has helped many people understand that certain common conditions are not a part of normal aging and that there is a lot that can be done to improve health and prevent unnecessary pain and suffering.

Dr. Adam has had additional training in and uses a variety of techniques including Thompson, Activator, Active Release, Acupuncture and Webster’s technique.  One population that he loves working with and has vast amounts of experience in is working with infants and children. Helping kids understand the basic concepts of health is like a rudder to steer them in the right direction to make health conscious decisions as they grow.

During his last five years as chiropractor his passion for empowerment through education has resulted in opportunities to speak publicly on various topics of health, including diet, exercise and movement and injury prevention.

In his spare time, Dr. Adam can be found running, hiking, cycling, golfing, fishing, playing hockey, spending time with his family and dog, or doing video reviews for the Canadian adventure publication, “Get Out There” Magazine.

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